Welcome to Tappi!

Dear Friends,


Thank you for visiting our small spot in the internet universe. We hope that what you see on our website might tempt you to visit us in Twisp, a small town of 800 souls in the heart of the North Cascades of Washington State. 


Tappi is a restaurant steeped in old world traditions of good food and genuine hospitality. The recipes produced in our kitchen come from a wide-spread family of great cooks: Filicudi (a small island north of Sicily), Venice (another island), New York, New Haven, Austin, Tacoma, Seattle. We take great care preparing the freshest and finest ingredients we can find according to generations-old techniques and sensibilities. Our wood-fired oven is the centerpiece of our dining room and our dishes: virtually every entree passes through its intense, fruitwood-fired heat. Perhaps that cooking chamber, of ancient and simplest design, is the secret ingredient of the complex and familiar flavors you'll experience at Tappi.


Our small, esoteric wine list changes with the seasons and always represents some of the most revered or exciting wine-making families of Italy, from the Piedmont to the Veneto; from Tuscany to Puglia; Calabria to Sicily. The aromas and flavors stored in these bottles are crafted to enhance your dining experience — supporting the notes and nuances of the food, never competing with them, always refreshing the palate with exquisite sensibilities all their own.


We hope you'll join us for dinner. We are proud of our efforts here, and we look forward to serving you someday.