turning the page

My wonderful guests and friends,


After more than fifteen years in the restaurant business, it’s time to see what the next chapter of

my life has in store. I have decided to put the restaurant and building up for sale.


Tappi has been a labor of love for me and I have enjoyed every minute of cooking for you and

being a part of your lives. I’ve prepared for you all the meals I loved when I was a kid, the son of

immigrants, growing up in Tacoma’s close-knit Italian community.


I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished. Tappi’s reputation for consistently delicious meals and

exceptional wines, served without pretense, is unsurpassed not only in the Methow Valley, but has

been recognized and praised across the state and around the world.


We’ve led locally the education in and appreciation of Italian vintages. My suppliers — some of

the great vintners in Italy — have been my trusted partners and friends throughout this

experience. Their commitment to excellence has encouraged my efforts for nearly two decades.

As a result, our shelves and cellar are stocked with some of Italy’s finest traditional and new

world wines.


Our kitchen and pizza oven have established a high standard for authentic and excellent Italian

cuisine, from Roman, Neapolitan and Sicilian style pizze and home-made pastas and sauces to

the cuscino (with the works!), which stands as one of my greatest all-time accomplishments.


No matter what was happening in my life, Tappi and its fans kept me coming in to the kitchen to

thumb through mom’s recipe box, looking for the dishes that would spark my enthusiasm and

deliver delicious food prepared with love. Thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me to

express my joy and love for food and my family’s tradition of hospitality.


I’m feeling good: I’m healthy, I’m happy, I love Tappi, I’m at the top of my game. A perfect time

to leave. I’m going to dust off my typing skills and return to my first craft, writing. I’ll spend my

days in my trapper’s cabin on the creek, telling stories. I know some good ones.


If you know someone who has the resources and energy to take Tappi to the next level, or

someone with a great idea to bring new life to this Twisp landmark, please send them my way.

Until then, I commit myself to make the most of my time at Tappi, firing up the pizza oven,

roasting, sauteĢ€eing and baking the most delicious of my family’s recipes to bring to your table. I

hope to see you soon!


Alla Nostra Salute!