la famiglia






About a hundred years ago my families immigrated from the two extremes of Italy — Sicilia and the Veneto — and brought with them the traditions of genuine hospitality and delicious simple food that we continue here at Tappi. Our dishes are served in  Italian country style, without elaborate accompaniment. We cook with locally grown foods whenever possible, and create each dish with care and love. We seek out wines from the best small family farms in Italy, and offer them at your table. Most of our recipes I learned in my mother’s kitchen where, as a little boy, I would sit on a counter, my feet dangling, as mom sang and told family stories while she cooked.



When you visit our restaurant, I invite you to browse the photographs hanging on our walls. In them, you’ll glimpse the people who helped bring an Italian tradition to Twisp.

In honor of them all, I welcome you to Tappi.  

John Bonica